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Cristina Moreno Salamanca & Jorge Barceló, Bottanicca Landscape Architects,  both contemporary and Classic, are designed in diferent styles and diferent weather preferences, that they capturethe spirit of the place and creates the atmosphere of the garden, can be mediterranean, tropical, dry, wet, cold or windy climate, and then applying a style set that can decline by a reminiscences of the French Gardens, Italian, English, Spanish, American ... or Asian Garden. Classic, Contemporary Garden Style ...,  Romantic or Zen Garden, With regular or free forms design ..., allways apropriate to climate, needs,  preference  and tastes of  those who contracted the design of the garden to Bottanicca Design Studio.

The Landscape Architects they as well designs and management all the engineered and built architectural elements of the garden proyect : Swiming pools, Pool House, Garden Cottage, Pabilion, Guest House, Pergola, Children House, Tree House, Green Tunnel,  Garden Ways, Walls, Bourdais, Stairs, Ramps, Terracing garden, all water features like Waterfalls, River, Canal, ponds and  fountains. Confortable seating areas, created in civil engineering, Wooden Terraces, Chil-out, Out Door decoration, , as allso it is  the stady and design of the Lighting, Irrigation sistem and Drainage of the garden .                         

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